Words of Support

Alexandra, Boulder Colorado

Stacey’s work might be the answer for emotional burdens you have been struggling with, or emotional patterns that have been hard to break free from. I have hadvery clear results working with Stacey. A sensitivity that I have had for most of my life, which has had a huge impact on my quality of life, has been mostly cleared by Stacey’s work. I have triedso many other ways of coping with this sensitivity, and a few sessions with Stacey has improved my life in a way that I can not even quantify – the burden removed from my daily life experience is huge. In addition, Stacey’s work has eased of underlying emotional patterns that I have held around my life in general, my work and my relationships. I can not thank her enough for the beautiful work that she does. I am an alternative medicine practitioner and I have had the blessing of receiving so many different kinds of healing techniques. Stacey’s techniques and they are easy, simple and nourishing to receive. I have many professional colleagues who also celebrate and testify to Stacey’s work with them, their children and family members and their pets. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a package of treatments with Stacey, and see how your life can change.

EllA, Phoenix Arizona

Since my sessions started I’ve felt better about everything involved with my life. My stomach problems that had me in pain after eating a piece of bread, have now dissipated. Since the world has gone haywire, it overwhelmed my mind with anxiety and I became depressed. After having finished with Stacey, I have been at ease, and can see everything with a much clearer view. I saw results after the first session, and it only progressed.

Feeling the emotions surface out of nowhere, like visiting an old friend, only made my suspicions shrink into nothing. I understand the ease of this therapy is unbelievable, but I’m here to tell you it works. After talking with Stacey to discuss what emotions she released from me, I felt like a burden had been lifted. To me she is my cool psychic therapist. Overall, I wouldn’t take it back for anything.